VersionDateNew Features
4.0April 2022
  • Zero-level for display of time trends
  • Extended log information regarding central functions (saving, loading, network, etc.)
  • Further statistic time frames
  • Supplementary address information
  • Additional time charges per employee can be submitted
  • Possibly missing breaks (forgotten to be inserted by employee) are highlighted
  • Differentiation of different time types in the daily time table
  • Further differentiation of parallel network access
3.9February 2022
  • The administrator may enable detailed overviews of overhours and works for employees
  • Export of individual comments/explanations in CSV-table
  • Insertation of general Holidays is possible (School Holidays, Plant Holidays, etc.)
  • Vacation applications can be limited to special Holidays
  • Automatic insertation of vacancy days may be limited to special Holidays
3.8December 2021
  • Information of the database can be accessed via a viewer panel alone
  • Show breaks in the daily overview diagram
  • Further different possibilities for sorting the attendance list
  • Showing lists with progress bar
  • Highlighting of vacation applications, which are due soon
  • Put difference of weekly hours to core work time individually to different working days
3.7October 2021
  • File export for single employees is possible into subfolders
  • Inserting of registration keys within the software for the new year
  • Button view for entry list can be modified by the administrator
  • Show startup status of application
  • Passwort input can be made visible
  • Optimisation of attendance lists by sorting and freezing
3.6September 2021
  • Addition of weekly core hours as export
  • Admin option for enabling employee comments
  • Detailed views for overhours of employees
  • Key list can be added for a smooth turn of the year
  • Selective printing of single employees possible
  • Option to show passwort input
  • Displaying ported vacation days of previous years
3.5July 2021
  • Adding of vacations afterwards is possible
  • Adding of breaks after a work day is possible
  • Forcing completing work day attendancies is possible
  • Automatically generated lists for overhours for days, weeks, months
  • Special design for red/green/viewing
  • Extended options for automatically inserting core work times
3.4June 2021
  • Weekly hours and core times can be set independently as core work time
  • Blocking of vacation applications possible, in dependance of the number of suspended employees
  • Minimum day span between vacation application and start of vacation
3.3May 2021
  • Archiving of attendances is possible
  • Software regcognizes computer shutdown
  • Total overview for all employees can be created for printing
  • List of works can be submitted automatically
3.2March 2021
  • Hints of the day
  • Overnight work implemented
  • Works can be inserted later
  • Changing inserted works is possible later for administrator
  • Expanded print and export functions
  • Network access to the database with multiple computers
  • Created demonstration videos
3.1February 2021
  • Absence can be inserted and recognised as work time
  • Detaillied changes are possible afterwards for attendancies
3.0January 2021
  • Core work time for each employee
  • Week plan overview
  • Holiday e.g. Vacation can be inserted
  • Automatic work duty calculation based on vacation and core working days
  • Extra login for manager with specific rights
  • Added many (button) icons
  • First Release of Time Manager Pro
2.9November 2020
  • Work duty can be added sweepingly
  • Overtime and excess work can be calculated
2.8September 2020
  • Breaks can be set as optional
  • Sweeping times may be added automatically
  • Work duty can be inserted
2.6May 2015
  • Administrator can add forgotten attendance of earlier days
2.5February 2015
  • List overview of all employees (per day, month, week, year)
  • -> Export this to a csv-table
  • Symboles for the attendance, vacation of an employee
  • You can set an hourly wage for attendance
  • The employee can insert its total attendance with one click to its work time
  • CSV-table export of a monthly table of the work/attendance of all employees
  • Send admin/boss mails to all employees
2.4December 2014
  • Overview over hours/cost pro employee, project, etc.
  • -> Show per time interval (day, week, month, ...)
  • -> Export to file (table format *.csv)
  • Coloured scale for project time and budget
2.331th Aug 2013
  • Project controlling
  • Buy items and materials
2.219th Jul 2013
  • Statistics
  • Show attendances
2.17th Jul 2013
  • Completely renewed
1.17th Nov 2010
  • Simplified software
  • First release